Murphy's Famous Brownies
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The Murphy’s Famous Brownies Story

Hi!  I’m Lisa!  I’m a happy homemaker…a habitual volunteer…the mother of five awesome kids…a wife to an exceptional hubby…getting old, but LIFE IS GOOD!

Over the years raising our five children and enjoying their birthdays, my family and I have become very fond of brownies. When our kids were young and when I tried to bake birthday cakes for them, I became very frustrated when their cakes didn’t turn out quite right.  Let’s face it, I didn’t know how to bake a good birthday cake.  So…I decided to bake birthday brownies instead. The brownies were a hit!  Besides brownies were a lot easier to serve to all the kids at the parties.  And so it began.

As time went on, I would bake my brownies for other occasions not just the kids birthdays.  I would bake brownies for the potlucks at church, the hubby’s work parties and, of course, still for the kids birthdays. People at the different gatherings always commented on how much they loved my brownies and they would say that I should sell them.

One Spring, my husband and my three sons were planning a trip to a week long Boy Scout Summer Camp and they needed to raise the funds to pay for the camp.  We decided to sell the brownies as a fundraiser.  My husband began taking orders at his work place.  His coworkers and others ordered my brownies over and over.  We easily raised the funds for the camp, and a few other camps.  People fell in love with my brownies.

That was the beginning of when we started calling my brownies…Murphy’s Famous Brownies!  The word got out and more people tried my brownies. We started taking orders and selling them on different holidays through out the year.  I also donated brownies to different clubs and sports teams at our  high school.  They would sell my brownies at their snack bar.  The school kids would see me delivering brownies and would line up at the snack bar.  Within just a few minutes the brownies would be sold out!

Now, after only a few short years, my husband and I have decided to try our little brownie business online.  This is a big scary step for us, but we are up for the challenge.

We really appreciate the support of our close friends and family members who have helped us by filling orders on our big baking events!  We hope to provide yummy and tasty treats for our customers for many holidays and special events to come!

Thanks again for all your support!

Lisa & Ken Murphy