May 25, 2017

Murphy’s Famous Brownies is a home business, located in Covina CA. We do gourmet BROWNIES – and only brownies. We DON’T even do a “blondie” because, well, it’s NOT a brownie! We do corners, middles and edges because #1 We don’t want to waste any deliciousness and #2 because MOST people have a preference. K.C. and I are the corner lovers – because it’s extra chewy, YUM! Hubby and M.P. like middles. So we include it all – except for Brownie Cakes. You only get the middles with our Brownie Cakes. Brownie Cakes are not on our website yet – but will be coming soon. If you need one (or you’re just curious and want to chat) give us a call and we can discuss.

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