17 FLAVORS & Under Construction

May 19, 2017

Hey everyone!
Thank you for visiting our site. It is currently under construction and we don’t have all of our flavors listed. If you are interested in one of our newer flavors, please email us at murphysfamousbrownies@gmail.com or give Lisa a call or text at 626-533-3806 for more info.
Below is a list of ALL of the flavors we offer and their price per One Dozen. Thank you for your patience while we get it all together.
Much love!

Original $21
Chipotle $21
Coconut $21
Mint $24
Peppermint (December) $24
Pecan $24
Walnutty $24
Vanilla Chip $24
Oreo Fudge $27
Marshmallow Chocolate Chip $27
Marshmallow Chocolate Chip+Walnut $30
Caramel Toffee $30
German Chocolate $30
Caramel Almond Toffee $33
Pecan Turtle $33
Coconut Macadamia $33

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