February 8, 2017

Give those you love some of our BRAND NEW BROWNIE FLAVORS.  Our most sought after GERMAN CHOCOLATE STUFFED BROWNIE is a big hit!  Our frosting was not permitted by the county so we changed it up and put it in the center – and what a great idea that was!  Super chewy with a delicious coconut/pecan center.  Topped with more coconut and pecans, this brownie is super nutty and super scrumptious!

Our CHIPOTLE BROWNIE is a chewy, slightly spicy fudge brownie with chili flakes on top.  Simple yet tasty – this flavor is available now but we will probably feature it in a special for Cinco de Mayo 2017.

Our COCONUT BROWNIE has coconut throughout and on top.  So if you’re a coconut lover, this brownie is for you!

Last, but certainly not least is our COCONUT MACADAMIA NUT brownie.  Coconut and Milk Chocolate Chips throughout AND on top, this is a crowd pleaser for sure!

Feel free to contact us regarding current inventory or to place an order.


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