Brownie Wedding Cakes

September 13, 2016

Brownie Wedding Cakes, along with unfrosted (or barely frosted) cakes are what’s new this year.  Add flowers or berries and you are all set – or leave them plain.  We have already prepared TWO Brownie Wedding Cakes so far.  One required White Frosting while the other placed a single berry on each mini brownie with cute little Charlie Brown and Lucy PEZ dispensers crowning the brownie cake as the “topper”.

We started our Third Brownie Wedding Cake today.  The top cake will be four layers of Original Brownie – no frosting.  Adorning the cake tower and side platters will be five different flavors of mini brownies.

We are excited to expand on one of our new found, favorite things.

Brownie Wedding Cake #2

Brownie Wedding Cake #2


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