November 4, 2015

NEW FLAVORS – we are thinking about them ALL the time.  Each new flavor we decide on becomes my new favorite.  Yes, we’ve tried BACON.  Um…not a fan.  CHIPOTLE was a big hit.  I really thought I would love COCONUT MACADAMIA – but I didn’t like it at all…so back to square one because I really think that could be a great flavor.  Our newest offering (so new, we don’t have info out) is VANILLA CHIP.  I never thought it would take off, but we made it by request and people really love it!  It has a nice mild flavor and texture.  Almost a light butterscotch.  It’s super delish.  If there is a candy or flavor you really love and would like it incorporated into a brownie, just ask!  If we’ve already tried it, I’ll let you know the good and bad.  If we have not already tried it…WHY NOT?  There’s a first time for everything, right?  Enjoy!

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