Murphy's Famous Brownies
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Please note: We will be closed July 28 – August 7.  Orders will be unavailable during these dates.


Murphy’s Famous Brownies is a home business, located in Covina CA. We do gourmet BROWNIES – and only brownies. We DON’T even do a “blondie” because, well, it’s NOT a brownie! We do corners, middles and edges because #1 We don’t want to waste any deliciousness and #2 because MOST people have a preference. K.C. and I are the corner lovers - because it’s extra chewy, YUM! Hubby and M.P. like middles. So we include it all – except for Brownie Cakes. You only get the middles with our Brownie Cakes. Brownie Cakes are not on our website yet – but will be coming soon. If you need one (or you’re just curious and want to chat) give us a call and we can discuss.

What's New

FLAVORS: We actually offer 17 flavors but some are not on our website yet. Not currently listed: Chipotle, Coconut, Vanilla Chip, Pecan, German Chocolate, Pecan Turtle and Coconut Macadamia. If you are interested in any of those flavors, please give us a call.

CAKES: We make Brownie Cakes!!! They are 2 or 4 layers of delicious brownies. All brownie – no frosting. Most of the cakes have 2-3 layers, depending on flavor ordered and if it will fit in the cake box. Our Wedding Cake Top has 4 layers.

Delicious Updates
Alert Message – Don’t Delete
July 20, 2017

Please note: Orders will be unavailable from July 28 – August 7.

17 FLAVORS & Under Construction
May 19, 2017

Hey everyone! Thank you for visiting our site. It is currently under construction and we don’t have all of our flavors listed. If you are interested in one of our newer flavors, please email us at or give Lisa a call or text at 626-533-3806 for more info. Below is a list of ALL […]

April 21, 2017

Besides the fact that they’re delicious, brownies make every occasion extra special. They’re chocolatey, chewiness is always a welcomed treat. Here they are – The Reasons You Need Brownies! April 24-28 Administrative Assistant’s Week May 1-5 Teacher Appreciation Week May 5 Cinco de Mayo (Chipotle special) May 6-12 Nurse Appreciation Week May 14 Mother’s Day […]

February 8, 2017

Give those you love some of our BRAND NEW BROWNIE FLAVORS.  Our most sought after GERMAN CHOCOLATE STUFFED BROWNIE is a big hit!  Our frosting was not permitted by the county so we changed it up and put it in the center – and what a great idea that was!  Super chewy with a delicious coconut/pecan […]

New Flavors – New Ideas!
January 18, 2017

Announcing the following NEW flavors for Murphy’s Famous Brownies:  Chipotle, Coconut and Coconut Macadamia Nut.  All are delicious (even for this gringo)!  We are working on a German Chocolate Frosted Brownie but will have to keep you posted regarding that wonderfully delicious concoction!  We are also toying with the idea of a “create your own brownie” […]